Friday, December 12, 2008


Severe Weather conditions are expected to begin in the Portland area on the night of Saturday December 13 and are likely to continue until the morning of Wednesday December 17. The easiest way to figure out what is available during severe weather is by calling 211 Info by dialing 2-1-1 from landlines or (503) 721-1500 from cell phones. The hotline hours have been extended this year (see below).

In addition to year-round shelters and winter shelters, the City of Portland now offers Severe Weather Warming Centers organized by volunteers of the Red Cross. Warming Centers only provide a mat on the floor and a blanket. No food, coffee, or other services are provided provided. The expectation for couples is that they will sleep close to each other on mats but not together.

Family-Focused Seasonal Warming Center
Available for families with children under 18 only!
1435 NE 81st Avenue, Portland
(Behind the former Elmers restaurant at NE 82nd and Halsey, just off of the NE 82nd Max Line stop)
seven nights a week throughout winter season
7:00 PM - 7:00 AM

Red Cross Warming Center at the Portland Foursquare Church
1302 Ankeny St. (near 13th in Inner SE), Portland
Available during Severe Weather only!
9:00 PM - 7:00 AM
Serves: Families, couples, single adults, and youth; Pets allowed; some space for carts; disability accessible location (main floor).

Red Cross Warming Center at Central City Concern's Estate Hotel
225 NW Couch
Available during Severe Weather only!
9:00 PM - 7:00 AM
Serves: Families, couples, single adults, and youth. Pets allowed; some space for carts; disability accessible location (elevator).


Porchlight Crisis Shelter is the city's only emergency youth shelter for young people under 21 years of age. During severe weather, Porchlight has the capacity to provide a few additional beds on a first-come-first-served basis (6 extra beds for a total of 36 guests). Youth with BLA’s from shelter should be encouraged to speak to shelter supervisor (Ken Kerr) during hazardous weather conditions. There may be instances in which non-violent BLA’s can be waived for safety on a case-by-case basis. Please note that Porchlight staff will not waive BLA’s, youth must speak with Ken Kerr directly. Porchlight staff prioritizes safety and will only accommodate additional youth when doing so does not create an unsafe environment. Porchlight does not have the ability to accommodate pets.


Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter (S.A.F.E.)
1136 SW 11th
(503) 227-8681
Space for 12 additional single women via mats on the floor in the day space during severe weather. Day space open 7am to 11pm daily. Shelter open 7:45pm to 7:00 am daily. No pets or carts. Not disability accessible due to steep stairs.


Expanded severe weather Day Shelter may also be available at Portland Rescue Mission or Salvation Army, depending on weather severity and as staffing permits. Contact sites directly to inquire about Day Time Access. St. Francis, Julia West/Daywatch, and S.A.F.E. Shelter all operate Day Service for adults year round. New Avenues for Youth & Outside In offer Day Services for youth under 21 year round.


Yellow Brick Road and Can We Help often provide Severe Weather Transportation in an effort to get as many people indoors as possible. Transportation is generally available during severe weather from 6pm-10pm but always call 211 first to confirm availability!

For more information please contact 211 Info:
(503) 721-1500 or dial 2-1-1 from landlines
Monday through Friday 8am-10pm
& Saturday and Sunday 10am-10pm.

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