Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Metamorphosis Project is currently accepting applications for the Recovery Transition Advocate (RTA) position. This ia a part-time entry-level position. No experience is necessary! Our mission is to engage and encourage youth to exit street life with innovative outreach and customized youth-friendly services integrating alcohol/drug and mental health treatment. As an RTA you will be expected to act as a clean & sober peer role-model for 16-24 year old homeless and street dependent youth, providing support, referrals, and crisis intervention through the Homeless Youth Continuum. We encourage diversity!

Job Responsibilities:

Provide support, information, referral and crisis intervention to homeless and street dependent youth.

Focus on the engagement and support of youth involved in drug and alcohol recovery.


1 year clean and sober time (required)

High school diploma or GED

Experience and/or knowledge of the issues of homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction.

A pre-employment drug screening (required)

Position closes October 22, 2008.

Please call (503) 789-4011 for more information.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This week marks the 4-year anniversary of Janus Youth's innovative streetwork initiative Portland Outreach & Engagement! The program, popularly known as "O&E" on the streets, was launched on this day 4 years ago in an effort to reach the most street-entrenched youth & young adults in Portland and those young people who we felt were "slipping through the cracks" in services. O&E was conceived as an intensive relationship-based mobile street service team that essentially brings case-management support, safety planning, and assessment directly to the people who need these services most…but are least likely to come seek out those services themselves. For 4 years Portland Outreach & Engagement has been leading the way toward creatively “meeting young people where they are at” on the streets, in the woods, and under bridges here in our community. To learn more about this incredible program, please visit us at our Myspace account here. Happy Birthday, O&E!