Sunday, December 07, 2008


Dicentra is a Portland-based radical collective actively engaged in creating communities of care, networks of support, and movements of positive change based on relationship building. This week Dicentra hosts Harm Reduction and Intervention, a workshop and panel discussion that brings together practitioners and organizers to explore the dynamic practical and conceptual landscape of harm reduction. Speakers from Rose City Copwatch, Cahoots/White Bird Clinic, Yellow Brick Road/Janus Youth Programs, Dicentra Collective, and others will examine the role of harm reduction in addressing domestic and interpersonal violence, police brutality, substance abuse and mental illness, dispute resolution and street facilitation. Please join Yellow Brick Road this Thursday for what will undoubtedly be a thought provoking evening.

Thursday December 11 @ 6pm
In Other Words Women’s Books and Resources
8 NE Killingsworth Street
Portland, Oregon

For more information visit the online Dicentra Collective here.

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