Monday, October 05, 2015

Oh The Places You'll Go!

Outreach Is People For People

Yellow Brick Road Can Only Extend As Far As Those Who Are Willing To Reach Out

Two of our Saturday night volunteers pose for a picture.

Neal got soaked trying to cross the river to outreach on the other side!

Peer Mentor, Celia, hands out some first aide supplies.
Peer Mentor, Elliott, looking for some camps while on van outreach.

YBR Supervisor, Dennis, heading to a camp in the wilderness.

Our previous Stationary Outreach crew!

Saturday night volunteers trekking through the rain.

Volunteer Coordinator, Neal, looking majestic as he hikes over a hill.

Neal again, headed to a camp in the briers.

Enjoying the fall weather last year.

A prvious Tuesday night crew heading back to HQ after a night of outreach.

Calling out to the homes on the boats.

Looking for some people to outreach to off a bank by a river.

A team stops to take count of what they've handed out for out statistics tracking.

Tuesday night stops for a picture. Because heart.

Neal helping a youth get to a location not easily accessible by bus or MAX.

Saturday night volunteer hikes through the woods for outreach.

Street Outreach Specialist, Bettina, checks out a painting while outreaching.

Neal serches for Pokemon, and people to outreach to.

Bettina and Monday night crew take a break to interpret a painting they found.

Saturday night team offering a comb.

Saturday night team traveling out in the rain to look for people.

Friday night volunteer handing out Q-tips.

Celia, poses with a painting found on outreach.

Sunday night crew takes a break to pose for a picture.

Friday night crew explaining what supplies we have to offer.

Friday night volunteers check out a portion of the Springwater Corridor.

Thursday night crew sharing information.

Tuesday night crew look for some homes near some railroad tracks.

Elliott shares resource information about where laundry and showers can be done.

Tuesday night crew outreaching off the banks of the Willamette.

Bettina poses by a colorful gate found while outreaching.

Tuesday night crew outreaching under an overpass.

Exploratory Ourtreach off the Clackamas river.

Elliott lends a listening ear and conversation.

Neal, asking to enter a persons home so he can outreach to them.

Peer Mentor, Race, shares some supplies,

A crew crossing back over the Hawthorn after outreaching on the Eastbank Esplanade.

Monday night handing out some medical tape.

Thursday night outreach crew checks out the waterfront for people to outreach to.

Somedays Neal and Bettina will take the MAX in an attempt to reach people further out from downtown.

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