Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tonight is STREET COUNT NIGHT here in Portland, Oregon! The Street Count is Portland's biennial count of both unsheltered people along with those in temporary or emergency shelter. This is a huge collective effort by many organiziations and volunteers and the information we gather will help us create a "snapshot" of those folks sleeping outdoors tonight. In 2009, nearly 1,600 people slept outside on the night of our January Street Count while another 820 were in temporary shelter. That number might seem low but keep in mind that it is only an estimate of how many people- both youth, adults and families- lack stable and safe housing right here in our community. Yellow Brick Road has been diligently interviewing people outdoors all week in an effort too gather the most accurate information possible and the results will be releases in a few weeks. THANKS TO OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS and OUTREACH STAFF WHO HAVE BEEN OUT ON THE STREETS ALL WEEK for this important survey! More info coming soon...

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