Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's amounting to
about the the same level
of two extremes.
Crazy and listless
confused and out of touch
What the hell DID I
do last night?

I guess when you've gotten
so good at using other
things to deal with
your problems, you have to learn
to be normal again.

Drink when yout socially
anxious a little lubrication
won't hurt. Besides poeple
will always remember your
name when you wake up
in the bathroom the
morning after the party

Pot helps to relaz when
your feeling overwhelmed
just a toke or two will
keep you content with
just eating and lounging
around. I mean, who
really want to concentrate
efforts on productive
work and thinds that
will move you father

And lest we forget,
a little meth will get
you out of that slump
from all of the non
productivity. You can
stay awake for DAYS!
and not have to
stop to eat

Now I have to breathe
deep and take life a
day at a time, moment
by moment. Relearning
how I actually work

Feeling arising that
I haven't felt in years
or even forgot that I
was capable of.


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