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Severe Weather Shelter

Here in Multnomah County when the temperature drops below 25 degrees or we expect hazardous conditions (such as snow, ice, or windstorms) the City of Portland will frequently announce a Severe Weather Alert. In these instances additional emergency shelter space is made available throughout the area and every effort is made to get as many people indoors as possible. Below is a list of severe weather services. If you are homeless, we hope this info will help you navigate these services a bit easier. If you are not homeless, we hope you will consider contacting one of these agencies to offer volunteer support. Many of these severe weather shelters are made possible by volunteers from the community. The Winter Shelter Hotline is also available to help you during severe weather. The hotline is available Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm & weekends 10am to 6pm.

211 Winter Shelter Hotline: (503) 721-1500


Porchlight Crisis Shelter
Porchlight Crisis Shelter is the city's only emergency youth shelter for young people under 21 years of age. During severe weather, Porchlight has the capacity to provide a few additional beds on a first-come-first-served basis. (6 extra beds for a total of 36 guests). Note that Porchlight staff will always prioritize safety when determining if the shelter can accommodate additional youth. Porchlight does not have the abililty to accomodate pets or dependents.


There are multiple sites around town for adults during severe weather. These shelters will not require TB clearance during severe weather. If these shelters become full, the city may have some limited ability to voucher people into hotels to keep them safe. Probably the easiest thing to do is check in with the Winter Shelter Hotline to see where there are open beds and (if all the beds are full) where to inquire about hotel vouchers.


Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter (S.A.F.E.)
Ankeny St. entrance at Harbor Light (2nd and Burnside)
(503) 731-3942
Space for 12 additional single women via mats on the floor in the day space during severe weather. Day space open 7am to 11pm daily. Shelter open 7:45pm to 7:00 am daily. No pets or carts. Not disability accessible due to steep stairs.

Daybreak Shelter Network (Operated by Human Solutions)
Rotating Sites in Multnomah County call (503) 548-0200 or (503) 988-4531 or go to TPI’s Community Service Center at 435 NW Glisan for entry information. Space for 5 additional women (or women with children) within faith-based family shelter during severe weather. No pets or carts. * Rotating sites, call for information on accessibility.


City Team Ministries
526 SE Grand Avenue (503) 231-9334
Space for 10 additional single men via mats on the floor in the main room during severe weather. May also be open during the days during severe weather. Typically there is a $3 per night charge, which includes sleeping space and a meal. May require TB card and sobriety agreement. No pets, and limited space for belongings. Disability accessible location.

Portland Rescue Mission
111 W. Burnside (503) 227-0859
Space for 10 additional single men via mats on the floor in the lobby, may also be open during the days during severe weather. No pets and limited space for additional belongings. Disability accessible location.


The Estate (Shelter service operated by American Red Cross) 225 NW Couch (Old Town)
Opens each night at 8:00 pm, morning exit at 7:30am. Space for 40-50 adults via cots in the renovated basement – refreshments provided. Pets allowed, and some space for carts. Disability access with elevator.

Foursquare Church (Shelter service operated by American Red Cross)
1302 Ankeny St. (behind Old Wives Tale at 14th & SE Ankeny)
Opens at 8:30 pm, morning exit at 7:30am. Space for 175 adults via mats on the floor – light refreshments provided.

Calvary Christian Church (Operated by the American Red Cross)
126 NE Alberta (MLK & NE Alberta St.)
Opens at 8pm. Space for 60-70 adults via cots/mats in downstairs gym. Pets allowed & some room for carts. Refreshments provided. Transportation is often available from downtown (see below).

Union Gospel Mission
15 NW 3rd (503) 228-0319 Open until at capacity
Space for 50 men and women in separate sleeping areas via blankets on the floor - refreshments provided. Operates from 10pm – 6:00am. Dinner offered at site from 8:00-9:00pm. Service animals allowed, space for carts. Disability accessible location.


Expanded severe weather day shelter may also be available at Portland Rescue Mission or Salvation Army, depending on weather severity and their capacity to offer the service. Please contact sites directly with questions. St. Francis, Julia West/Daywatch, and S.A.F.E. Shelter all operate day service for adults year round. New Avenues For Youth & Outside In offer day services for youth under 21 year round.


Yellow Brick Road and Can We Help often provide Severe Weather Transportation in an effort to get as many people indoors as possible. Transportation is generally available during severe weather from 6pm-10pm but always call first to confirm availability!

Dennis Lundberg (503) 789-4011
(Janus Youth Programs/Yellow Brick Road)

Steve Trujillo (503) 933-9418
(Can We Help)

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